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Top Drawer Furniture.

As the daughter of a professional cabinet maker, I have grown up with the (to me, wonderful) smell of wood chips and a passion for hand-crafted furniture.

Having learned a trick of two from Dad (still am today!), I started refurbishing pieces in 2017.  A friend asked me to help with the interior design for her new dress boutique and I was only too happy to help. I decorated the room, but also found myself saying...'reception desk? Oh yes, I can source that, I can paint that...'  and there I was...hooked.

I went on to complete numerous hand-painted projects both for friends and my own home and I am happy to say this lead on to back-to-back commissions throughout 2019.

For new customers who are looking for something bespoke, I can either make-over an item already owned or source a new item according to requirements and budget.

I am based in Great Yeldham and try to keep fairly local within the Essex and Suffolk villages.  Give me a call and I will be happy to discuss your furniture dreams!




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DressCodeNine - Where it all began!


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